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Thread: Blocked duct and injured nipple

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    Default Blocked duct and injured nipple

    Hi all,

    My DS is now 30 months and was nursing at night time and nap ( when am available). Last weekend was rough as he got diarrhea and upped his nursing consideraly. One chipped teeth of his used to scarp my nipple for quite some time but I managed it by altering positions and using ointment. This has caused a bit of crack which looks a bit red and wet. Also there is a significant blocked duct near my armpit. It is not hurting like excessively, but common sense and expirence tells me not to ignore it and take measures for it.

    This is happening after a long time and left me scratching my head as what I should be doing??

    Any suggestions ideas?

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    Default Re: Blocked duct and injured nipple

    Try the following:
    - Lots of warm soaks, for example in a shower or bath
    - Heat/moisture on the nipple and the plugged area using a warm washcloth compresses
    - Massage the plugged area as you nurse- that may get things to release back there
    - Address the crack with a mixture of 1% hydrocortisone cream and bacitracin ointment to combat inflammation and infection. Use a pea-sized amount, mixed and applied using a clean finger.

    Sorry we missed your post for a few days! How are things going at this point?

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