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Thread: Nurse on Demand, but supply dwindling at 18 months

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    Default Nurse on Demand, but supply dwindling at 18 months

    Please help! I nurse my 18 month old on demand night and day, and have had no supply issues until the last couple of weeks. All of the sudden, she is clawing at my nipples, telling me to start the milk, and getting very frustrated at the breast. Aside from her frustration, I have a general sense that I am not making as much milk as before.

    She loves breastfeeding, though she does eat plenty of solids; so I am not particularly interested in weaning. I am not opposed to dry nursing, but I am feeling a lot of discomfort from the clawing and aggressive suckling.

    Totally at a loss on what to do. Do I just let nature take its course? Is something possibly wrong after all of these months? Would pumping or fenugreek increase supply again?

    So frustrated along with my LO.

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    Default Re: Nurse on Demand, but supply dwindling at 18 months

    With my third child, I started feeling "low" just about this age. I decided to try galactagogues for the first time. I took fenugreek some days and Goats Rue on others. They both helped. After a while - a few months iirc- things seemed to be better and I stopped taking them and we continued to nurse.

    Pumping would probably help too, if you wanted to try it. In my case my daughter nursed quite a bit already (so milk removal was frequent already) and with three kids there was no way I had time to pump anyway. But I may have tried it if the galactagogues did not work. Luckily they did.

    If you are on hormone based birth control, you might stop that. If you are taking/eating anything that is an anti-galactagogue, eliminating that might help. You can find lists online.

    Many moms see a return of fertility in the second year and sometimes that impacts milk production. It may or may not bounce back without any particular effort.

    Pregnancy can sharply reduce milk production.

    Be sure to research any medicinal herbs before trying them to be sure they would be safe for you.

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    Default Re: Nurse on Demand, but supply dwindling at 18 months

    with all the above!

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