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Thread: Nap nursing, sleep suggestions please!

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    Hello, I will try to keep this fairly short. I am struggling with my 6month olds naps. He only stays asleep when latched on. For his morning nap I get cozy in his rocker and watch something on my iPad while he nurses and sleeps away. Usually I can get an hour or two for that nap. Afternoon nap I have my older preschooler home so I am unable to hold him and nurse him through the nap so basically he takes a very short nap (20 mins) and I know it's not enough sleep for him he is tired, but it's not feasable for me to hold him as I have another child to watch. Any suggestions on how I can get him in the habit of sleeping longer without a boob?? Thanks!

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    Will he sleep in a sling or wrap?

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    Does motion help? My first baby napped in a swing until 12 months. My second napped in a stroller- I would take both kids out for a 10 minute walk and then both kids would be tired!

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