We had lots of issues in the early days (jaundice, tongue tie, breast refusal..) and I was almost exclusively pumping. By 4 months we finally got baby on the breast. Now she's 9 months and I'd like to be able to let other people feed her.
I have a stash from the pumping days of milk that I want to start using but baby won't take it. My husband has tried a bottle, sippy cup, straw cup, etc but she just takes a couple of sips then pushes it away.
The milk has been frozen for 5 months and it doesn't smell bad (maybe slightly metallic but not bad like off milk)... but then I tasted it and it was horrible!!!
I'm thinking it could be excess lipase but this never used to be an issue before.. we used to feed her milk stored in the fridge for up to 5 days and it was fine.
Could this be a lipase problem or something else? If it's lipase can I save the situation somehow or do I have to ditch it all?