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Thread: Ouch... We've Got a Biter.

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    Default Ouch... We've Got a Biter.

    DS is being not so darling. He thinks it's fun to put everything in his mouth and chew. I'm sure it is a great bit of fun, just not nearly as fun when it's my nipple.

    On Saturday, he bit me HARD, twice. I've had some pain since, and it seems to be getting worse. I have a small cut on my left nipple that is making it nearly impossible to nurse on that side. I put some Bacitracin on it to help prevent any infection.

    I will add that I have tried nursing upside down and at different positions. He thinks it's funny...

    Any suggestions on how to deal with this?
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    Default Re: Ouch... We've Got a Biter.

    The way to deal with a biter is generally to do the following:
    - Mom ends the feeding when the child goes from active sucking to playful "pacifying". In other words, as soon as you get the feeling that he is just fooling around, sucking for comfort, maybe thinking about some chomping, you take him off the breast and say "Ok, all done! More later!"
    - If a bite occurs, you take him off the breast as calmly as you can and say "No, hurts mama!", and then you put him down and walk away. It may take multiple repeats to teach your baby that biting = the end of fun mama cuddle time, but eventually he should get the picture.

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    Default Re: Ouch... We've Got a Biter.

    How old is your baby?

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    Default Re: Ouch... We've Got a Biter.

    I agree with the suggestion of predicting when he bites. If it is when he has gotten most of the milk and is just comfort sucking, consider unlatching him when he stops drinking.

    Start off the nursing session by giving him a teether toy. Say in simple words, "You can bite this. No biting mommy." One that worked for me were those silicon chew beads that you wear as a necklace. But I think any favorite chewy toy would do.

    If he bites, like one of the PPs said, unlatch him and tell him, "Ouch. Biting hurts mommy. You cannot nurse if you bite."

    Maybe show him your sore and say, "This is mommies booboo. Ouch. Poor mommy. No biting mommy."

    For me, predicting when they would bite was the most helpful of these techniques. They always bit when they had taken most of the milk; prior to that they were occupied with drinking.

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