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Thread: Gentle solutions for biting (17-month-old)!

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    Default Gentle solutions for biting (17-month-old)!

    My little toddler has begun biting me when I am attempting to unlatch him and he does not want to. He has never done this before and his increasing desire for independence, control, and a little bit of a power (all totally developmentally normal things) are what I think are behind it. I am looking for gentle but effective solutions! I've talked to people who flicked their baby on the forehead when they bit and I am NOT interested in doing anything like that. I also don't want to scare him by yelling, seem like I'm angry at him, or cause him to be afraid of nursing. Though I have sort of yelped sometimes because it hurts!

    Usually what happens is that I can tell he's at the end of nursing on one side or the other and is starting to get restless, or he's starting to kind of yank his head around and want to look at things. OR, occasionally I just need to be done (need to get out the door, go to bathroom, whatever). He can sign "all done" and I will sign this to him and then attempt to "fish-hook" him off of me. In the past he always released right away. The past couple weeks, he has held on WITH HIS TEETH which is incredibly painful. Of course at that point, there is not much I can do but kind of push my breast back inside his mouth so it doesn't hurt. He knows the word "gentle," which we use when talking about petting the cat, and I am trying to use this with him ("need to be GENTLE with mama, please").

    Any foolproof ideas, expert mamas?? I don't want this to continue to he thinks it is okay to do.

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    Default Re: Gentle solutions for biting (17-month-old)!

    My daughter is 18 months. She stopped regularly biting long time ago, but now sometimes she finds it fun and looks for my reaction. I close her nose with my fingers, so she has to let my breast go. Then I hide the breast in the bra and under the shirt. I look at her and explain that it is painful and that it is not ok to nurse like that, if she nurses this way, I consider she is done and we stop. Sometimes she just goes away. Other times asks to breastfeed further. If she wants, I let her, with additional warning about what happens if she bites again ("If you bite, I consider you are done and we stop"). It took just a couple of times that I had to repeat it.

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