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Thread: Weaning while pumping at work

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    I am starting a new job when my son turns 11 months, around which time I would like to slowly start weaning. I've struggled with the ability to pump enough after he turned 8 months old and was taking more solids. For this reason, our frozen stash is very low, basically non existent!

    My goal is to make it to one year breastfeeding without supplementing. He usually nurses 4-5x/day. How do I go about the weaning process while at work? Should I continue to pump twice a day while at work or just once a day as I want to wean? I'd like to continue the morning and/or evening feed until he weans himself... but I would like to remove middle of the day feedings. Any advice is appreciated!

    Also, let's say I remove his 2nd feeding of the day first... do I just distract him until lunch? Or offer water?

    Thank you!

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    I am unclear if you want to wean entirely by a year or just stop pumping at work? You can stop pumping at work and continue to nurse if you like. You may need to wean off the pump gradually, it depends on how your body responds to no longer pumping. If your baby is already eating measurable amounts of solids and nursing 4-5 times a day, then the gradual weaning process is already well underway.

    There are two excellent books on the weaning process. Either should be all you need to get plenty of ideas for approaching gradual weaning. They are How Weaning Happens or The Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning.

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    I am hoping to stop pumping at work at/by 12 months and maintain either the morning/before bed feed until he self weans or loses interest. Thanks!

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    The best way to wean from the pump is to pay careful attention to your body during the weaning process. You go in to the office and you listen to your body. Let's say your usual pump time comes, and you aren't feeling full. Well, you can put your pump session off for an hour, and when you do pump, you can pump a little less out than you usually do. If that doesn't cause problems, do the same thing again the next day. Gradually, you will create longer intervals between pump sessions and reduce the total number of oz you pump each day. Eventually, you'll be able to skip the pump entirely- though I think you should plan to bring it with you for a while longer, just in case!

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    If you want to wean your baby you start by feeding one less feed a day and reducing the pumping times by one as is comfortable. Gradually reduce the pumping times and the feeding times as you replace the feeds with solids and make sure your baby is also drinking water from a sippy cup. You will also need to increase the feeds you give from a bottle so your baby gradually gets use to just eating solids and bottle feeds. Check out this useful info on breast feeding and other topics - www.babyconfused.com

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