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Thread: Night weaning 21 month old because of tooth decay

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    Default Re: Night weaning 21 month old because of tooth decay

    Sorry for the delayed answer, for some reason I had troubles logging in yesterday.
    I am also really sorry that you lack support from your husband and his family. However, their critique is unfounded. Even if continuing to breastfeed at this point is not optimal, there is no way that breastfeeding caused tooth decay. I think it may give you a peace of mind if you could identify the roots of the problem: antibiotics during pregnancy or afterwards? genetically weak teeth? too much teething gels during teething? possibility of celiac disease? reflux/gerl beyond 6 months? There must be something...
    What's the logic behind cow's milk? Fluoride varnish sounds ok. I live in Europe, here also some calcium cremes like Recaldent (not sure whether it sells under the same name where you live) are prescribed. If the reason for decay is still ongoing, it may be wise to put dental sealants on the teeth which are still ok.

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    Default Re: Night weaning 21 month old because of tooth decay

    YIKES. I'd switch dentists. You do NOT need insults or nutrition advice from your dentist. For another perspective, my pediatrician doesn't encourage giving a child cow's milk, rather she says to give the child water like you are giving your daughter. I still night nurse my 3 year old and we have been lucky enough to avoid any tooth decay. I asked the dentist at my son's first checkup and he said that nursing and night nursing isn't typically problematic because the breastmilk doesn't pool in the child's mouth like bottled milk and because breastmilk enters the mouth behind the teeth. Here's a link to Kellymom saying the same. http://kellymom.com/ages/older-infant/tooth-decay/

    I'm so sorry your daughter is having dental issues but seems like the problems may not be caused by nursing and certainly won't be fixed by weaning.

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