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Thread: Engorged with low cal milk

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    I'm engorged every morning and I'd like to reduce the amount of this morning feed without affecting my overall supply for the remainder of the day. My baby is 6 mo and she's been sleeping through the night for the last 4 mo, so I thought the milk supply would have corrected itself by now. My lo eats 5x a day; weekdays I pump 3x and bf 2x; weekends I bf all 5 feedings. She's getting plenty to eat but she's been in the small weight range and recently stopped gaining weight and my doctor determined my milk was low calorie so now I add a scoop of formula to her bottles at daycare. (her weight gain is now back in track with this method). I'm wondering if my engorgement in the morning is causing low calorie milk because the morning milk is pretty clear compared to the rest of the day. I started pumping for less time (was doing 20 min, now only 15) but that hasn't changed anything after several weeks. I'm also prone to clogged ducts, unfortunately, so that's why I've tried gradual solutions so far. Does anyone have any tips to reduce my morning engorgement? Or does anyone have experience with low calorie milk?

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    Hi maddox. Has anyone suggested nursing/feeing your baby more often?

    It actually would be pretty unusual for a baby to get enough to eat to gain normally nursing only 5 times in 24 hours. Normal feeding patterns for this age is 6-12 times in 24 hours.

    So my best suggestion is to encourage your baby to nurse more often. This is likely to help with every issue you are having- the slow gain, your feeling of being overly full in the morning, and plugs. Additionally more frequent milk removal will ensure that you make enough milk going forward for your baby. And while your expressed milk looking "watery" is actually entirely normal and does NOT mean it is "low calorie," nursing overnight at least once or twice will also probably lead to your milk not being so watery looking when you pump in the morning.

    I would absolutely not suggest continuing to try to decrease your milk production. In the normal course of things, milk production gradually and safely decreases on its own when and if needed as long as baby is nursing with normal frequency of 6-12 times in 24 hours. I very much doubt the problem is that you make too much milk. It is that your baby is not eating often enough.

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    The first thing to try in a situation like this is nursing the baby a lot more often, including overnight. And the first thing to avoid is reducing production.

    Also, there is no such thing as "low calorie milk". Where in the world did your doctor come up with that absurd idea? When it comes to weight gain, what matters is the overall volume of milk, not the quality of that milk.

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