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Thread: Sippy cup instead?

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    I will be returning to work in a few weeks and my daughter will be almost 1 year old then. Should I get her used to drinking breast milk from a sippy cup or bottle?
    Right now she feeds on demand and rarely uses a bottle if someone else is watching her (she drinks water from a sippy cup with straw).
    I should be able to pump twice during my work day, but my worry is about daycare. I'm wondering if she will be encouraged not to drink breast milk and they will want her on cow milk sooner.
    I'm thinking if we use a sippy cup she will be able to breastfeed longer.
    Has anyone had experience with this before?

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    Default Re: Sippy cup instead?

    First I would check with the day care what their policy is and get clarity on what your options are. IMO they should not be making the decision of when or if your baby drinks cows milk. I do not know when this stopped being the parent's decision, but I have heard of daycares having these type of anti-breastmilk policies.

    I would also ask them what their one year olds drink out of. Even a sippy cup can cause quite a mess. They may prefer bottles for babies this young. If they (or you) prefer sippy cups, fine too. In fact from a child development perspective there is no need for bottles or sippy cups. What children eventually need to learn to drink from is an open cup. In other words sippys and bottles are both more for adult convenience than anything else.

    From a breastfeeding standpoint I think you are ok with either sippys or bottles at this age. If you want to be sure your baby continues to nurse with good frequency at home- does not start refusing to nurse- I would suggest make sure baby is not overfed at daycare or fed too close to the time you and baby are reunited each day.

    Does that help at all?

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