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Thread: Had miscarriage, pregnant again-should I keep nursing on cue

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    Default Had miscarriage, pregnant again-should I keep nursing on cue

    Hi all, I was wondering about your experiences with nursing on cue while pregnant.

    My toddler is 2 years old and still nurses frequently. I am a SAHM and would estimate that she nurses maybe 6 times in a 24 hour period. Before and after naptime, a couple times during the night because we cosleep, and maybe twice during our daily activities. She seeks nursing for comfort and closeness.

    About a month ago we had nursing down to 3 times in a 24 hour period, but because of a recent move and unfamiliar surroundings she is nursing more frequently again.

    Two months ago I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks pregnant. We didn't know why. I had read many excellent resources that nursing in pregnancy is perfectly healthy, but I can't help but worry if the high frequency of nursing may have played a part. My toddler is very much a velcro baby and attached to nursing.

    I've found that I am pregnant again and am worried about what might happen. Should I try to cut down on the frequency? Any insights or experiences would be really appreciated, thanks so much for reading.
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    Default Re: Had miscarriage, pregnant again-should I keep nursing on

    Hi honeybird. As you found in your research, there does not appear to be any link between nursing frequency and miscarriage. The only possible issue I have read about is that breast stimulation and letdown is accompanied by a small oxytocin surge and that might lead to contractions. But the oxytocin surge is small, kind of like you would get from feeling happy about something. It is not nearly as much as orgasm, and mothers are very rarely warned to not experience orgasm when pregnant. In any case, this would be a very unusual cause for miscarriage especially in the first semester.

    Higher nursing frequency might cause a mother to have a short luteal phase, and that could cause a fertilized egg to not implant. But it seems unlikely that is a problem as you were able to become pregnant so shortly after your miscarriage, and I do not see how that would cause a miscarriage at 8 weeks.

    There are many reasons a pregnancy might end, and in the first trimester miscarriage is statistically quite common. I think it is exceedingly unlikely it has anything to do with your child's nursing frequency. If for no other reason than there are just so many far more likely reasons for miscarriage.

    I was also nursing a young child (not yet two) when I had a first trimester miscarriage, and he nursed very frequently, much more often than 6 times a day. It was very painful to lose that baby and I definitely questioned my choice to nurse. In my case my research convinced me that it was safe to continue to nurse when I became pregnant again a few months later. I asked myself how I would feel if I miscarried again, and I still decided that I wanted to continue to nurse. That pregnancy went fine. Talking to other moms who have miscarried, I have found that it is pretty universal to think that something we have done or not done caused the miscarriage to happen, even though the vast majority of the time this is not something we have any control over. Also great fear about a subsequent pregnancy ending is also common and normal.

    This is only my experience, of course. You will find your own answers to what you are comfortable with.

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    Default Re: Had miscarriage, pregnant again-should I keep nursing on

    Thank you so very much for your detailed and informative answer. I'm so sorry for your loss and congratulations on your sweet rainbow baby. I really appreciate your time and insight and feel a lot more reassured now. Thank you <3

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