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Thread: Painful nursing 8 month old

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    My baby is almost exclusively breast fed (refuses bottle most of time), and only feeds off of one side 90% of the time. He nursed well for first six months; the last two months have been pretty painful though. It is searing pain when he first latches and then wanes to soreness rest of nursing. They are incredibly sensitive, even when clothes are rubbing. Nipple isn't cracked or bleeding or anything. I'm not sure if his latch could have changed causing this, or if it is because he is on that one breast ao much? Can laxtation consultant help with older baby? Any possible ideas?

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    Hi and welcome.
    Is there any particular reason baby nurses mainly on one side? Just refuses to nurse the other or something else? There is nothing wrong with one sided nursing, and there is no reason nursing one sided should lead to breast pain. But your experience brings up one of the downsides, that if there IS a problem on one side, then there is no way to get relief from nursing on the other side.

    So here are two common causes of nursing pain cropping up in an older baby. Not the only causes but the most common.

    1) Thrush. This would not typically cause pain on only one side, but since your baby mostly nurses on one side, then that brings this possibility into play. Thrush is very difficult to diagnose for the average hcp, but I think a dermatologist might be able to do so and any good LC should at least be able to help you try to figure that out. Thrush can be a problem to get rid of but with proper treatment it is certainly doable. Here is some reliable info about thrush: http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=doc-CP

    2) Positioning needs adjusting. As baby gets longer and heavier, previous nursing positions may no longer work. Also an older baby may develop a shallow latch just because they can and still get enough milk. I suggest pay attention to encouraging baby to get a good latch. Encourage baby to open wide, perhaps by opening wide your self to show him. Also make sure baby is positioned so baby can tilt his head back enough to come to the breast chin first. Many moms adopt some version of a cradle hold early on and stick with it. As long as this is comfortable for mom, this is fine until baby gets too long, then this type of positioning can curl baby up too much and cause the chin to tuck.

    Any appropriately trained and educated LC should be able to help with breastfeeding issues with an older baby or toddler. However the fact is, most LCs would see very few babies older than 3 months or so in a typical lactation practice. So I suggest, ask any LCs you speak to how comfortable they feel in this area and anything else you want to ask before seeing them. If they are also former or current LLL Leaders, they are very likely to be highly knowledgeable in the area of nursing issues and older babies.
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