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Thread: Conserned for loss of milk

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    I was in an auto accident a few days ago and got a huge bruise on my breast from the seat belt. Since then the amount of milk I get form that breast has decresed a few mL each time I pump. (I pump exclusively for twins) what can I do to save my milk?

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    Milk production depends on frequent and effective milk removal. If milk production needs increasing, the way to do it is to ensure that is happening and increase frequency of milk removal if possible. Since you are eping, it is also vital that you regularly check your pump and all pump parts to make sure the pump is in perfect working order and is still fitting you correctly on both sides.

    If your breast has been injured and there was an immediate large drop in pump output following, I wonder if it is possible there is inflammation to the point that milk cannot get out. Without knowing more about your situation (age of your babies, how often you usually pump, how much milk you usually pump overall, how much you are pumping now, have you ever had a hard time producing 'enough' milk, etc) it is hard to know how to assess that. But I wonder, aside from the pain of the bruising, are you feeling discomfort within your breast? Feeling full, or noticing anything that might indicate a plugged duct? If there is any milk stasis going on, that might put you at risk for plugs and mastitis. So you just want to be careful about that.
    Anyway, if you think inflammation is part of the problem, you might try cold compresses and otc anti-inflammatory meds like motrin.

    Pain can hamper the letdown reflex. If pumping is hurting you, any relaxation techniques you might use when pumping might help.

    When pumping alone is not doing the trick, some moms find hand expressing as well helps.

    You also may wish to contact an IBCLC just to get help ruling out any more significant or longer lasting breast damage.

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