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    Hi Moms,

    I have a 12 month old, not even into solids that much. He is at daycare. I was sending about 8 ounces a day due my breastmilk going down from working. But, recently I had the stomach bug and my supply is almost non-existent. I am trying to add some power pumping sessions, but would really like to get my supply up, as all of my freezer milk is gone. The last few days I have had to mix breast milk and whole milk. I would love some ideas on how I can produce milk and ore with more hind-milk rather than fore-milk.

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    The best way to increase your milk supply is to nurse and/or pump more often. Supply = demand, so the more demand you give yourself, the more milk you are going to get.

    There is no way to make yourself produce milk that has more hindmilk and less foremilk. There is truly no such thing as either foremilk or hindmilk; those are just convenient terms to explain how milk changes over the course of a nursing or pumping session. When the breast is full, the first milk that comes out is relatively watery, lower in fat and higher in lactose (milk sugar). As the feeding progresses and the breast empties out, there is a gradual change to milk which is more creamy, less watery, relatively higher in fat and lower in lactose.

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