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Thread: Lost Breastmilk Shipment

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    Angry Lost Breastmilk Shipment

    I just want to share my story...

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am an Active Duty service member and mother to an eight-month-old baby boy. I am proud to say that I have been able to provide breastmilk for my son his entire life. That was until January 21, 2017 when a package that contained close to 300 ounces of breastmilk was lost within the UPS network.

    I am away from my child due to military obligations, however; I made the decision to continue the breastfeeding relationship even though I cannot physically be present. I researched day in and day out the best way to ship breastmilk to ensure its safe arrival. I purchased the required supplies, I read the UPS regulations on the use of dry ice, I pumped four times a day to maintain my supply, I labeled and froze the breastmilk flat in five ounce bags.

    I arrived at the UPS location on January 20, 2017 ready to send the breastmilk that I produced to my husband. I paid $181.81 to have the package sent UPS Next Day Air with guaranteed arrival of January 21, 2017.

    It was 1:30 pm (EST) when I made the first call to UPS to track my package. You see, your website states, “UPS uses tracking numbers to identify and trace every shipment as it moves through the UPS system to its final destination.” When I entered the tracking number it showed, “Order Processed: Ready for UPS.” The package was supposed to have been delivered by now, where was the package?

    I spoke with a UPS representative over the phone and was informed that it was possible the package missed a few scans along the way and to continue to wait for its arrival. If it did not arrive by the end of the day, an investigation would begin.

    I sat in my car and could not stop the tears from falling. A mother’s instinct is very powerful and at that moment, I knew that the breastfeeding relationship with my son would have to stop, at least temporarily. I tried to remain calm and think positive but, it is now January 22, 2017 and my husband was forced to buy formula for our son.

    Whether the package is delivered in the upcoming days is beside the point because the milk is no longer safe for my son to consume. I have read the UPS regulations on lost packages, the investigation process, and the steps to file a claim for reimbursement.

    But there is no reimbursement or price tag for a mother’s milk.

    A very distraught mother

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    How upsetting. I am so sorry!

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    Oh, that is just rotten! I once spilled 5 oz of pumped milk on the floor, and I cried. I can't imagine how upsetting it must be to lose 300 oz, and to have it be someone else's carelessness at fault.

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    Ugh... this makes me so angry for you!!! I am so sorry this happened to you and your little one. : (

    First time mama to my bean, born 3/2012. Still . She loves her "me's".

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