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Thread: Alternative to bottle feeding for an EBF 13 week old?

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    Default Alternative to bottle feeding for an EBF 13 week old?


    I go back to work in two weeks and after taking the bottle reluctantly three times, and then having an experience with metallic tasting previously frozen milk, he is now consistently refusing the bottle. I know we have to keep trying, try different bottles, I have to leave the house, etc. etc. Not looking for that type of advice. What I need is a back up plan if he continues to refuse. What type of alternative method is best for a 13 week old VERY big and health baby (he was 16 lbs at 9 weeks old). Cup, dropper, etc.? I'm not willing to let him go 10 hours without eating during the day. He will be miserable of course, and I can't have him reverse cycle as he is already sleeping well - only wakes up once or twice to feed between 10pm and 7am.


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    Default Re: Alternative to bottle feeding for an EBF 13 week old?

    I would try a cup. Caregiver has to be very patient and willing to make it work, but cups can work well.

    Here are two videos. One is a 6 month old, one a newborn. In the newborn one mom has her breasts exposed slightly as this was taken during a lactation consultation.

    6 month old: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R95FUa7_s84

    Newborn: http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...me=vid-cupfeed

    Also many babies start to wake and want to nurse more at night after mom returns to work, but not because they did not get enough to eat during the day. So, be prepared for that possibility.

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