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Thread: Returning to work need advice

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    Default Returning to work need advice

    I am returning back to work but only part time. I don't have a schedule yet but I plan only working 5 hours max in a shift. I have a 4 month old who eats about every 3 to 4 hours or so. I plan on pumping or feeding baby before leaving to work to empty out. What advice would you give about pumping? Would I need to pump or could I wait till I get home. My job is about 10 mins away from home with traffic. Thank you in advance!

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    I think it makes the most sense to plan to pump once while you are at work. If you come back to work with this understanding, then you can always stop taking this pump session later if you find it is not needed. If you come back and are not taking a pump break, and find yourself getting full while you are at work, and later want to add a pump break, that may be be more difficult.

    If you cannot pump, not even in your car on a regular break, then I would suggest pay close attention to how you feel while at work. Regular milk removal is vital not only for your milk production, but for your immediate health. If you begin to feel full at work, that possibly could lead to plugs or even mastitis- a breast infection that will make you feel very ill and unable to work for a couple days at least. So to protect your health, if you cannot pump, you may need to find a way to hand express during your work day to relieve the pressure. This could be done during a visit to the restroom. You might find it impossible to save the expressed milk, but that is entirely secondary. What is most important is relieving that pressure.

    I would also suggest, if you are not pumping while at work, encourage baby to nurse a little more often while you are at home for a while at least. This will help to offset any possible issues with milk production.

    Now, some moms of 4 month olds can go 5 hours without pumping or nursing or hand expressing once a day with no issues at all. Others are going to run into problems great or small with that length of time. It truly depends on your breast storage capacity and your current level of milk production, and on how much baby nurses when you are home. How it would work in each case is entirely individual and out of your control. That is why you have to work with what your body tells you and not on a set of rules.

    Also I suggest, make sure baby is not being overfed while you are at work and not fed too close to the time you get home, so baby will want to nurse as soon as you are together again.
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    Default Re: Returning to work need advice

    Hi! What will baby be drinking while you are away? If you do a 5-hr shift I would definitely plan to fit in a pumping session. You want your body to continue producing milk as though you were with baby and nursing, so you don't want to go longer than baby is used to without emptying your breasts.

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