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    I have become dependent on brewer's yeast to maintain production and I want to make sure it's safe. The sources I've read say it's passed into breastmilk, and safe but can cause irritability. It does not cause yeast infections because it is a healthy yeast, but should be avoided if one is prone to having them.
    My daughter hasn't had any visible symptoms but since babies often get yeast infections, I am worried that the brewer's yeast could contribute to problems in the future. Am I stressing too much about this or is it a legitimate concern?

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    hi there,
    i'm sorry i can't answer your question though i think it's a valid concern, as with anything we ingest. I too am trying to use brewer's yeast, and have had two opposite experiences. First time in cookies I thought they helped my lactation quite well. So I was very happy, though my husband forgot to put the oats in, he just used the yeast. Second time, with oats, he doubled the dose and undercooked them just slightly, as the recipe recommended, and I got violently sick. Had an all-night diarhhea and vicious stomach cramps. Other people tried/had them but I was the only one with these symptoms. The second night I thought I'd try them again, because other people had them with no ill effects, and yet again, the all-night sufferring began, with serious cramps. So I told my hubby to go back to the first recipe, and sure enough now I have no side effects. As to what that did to my baby? The next day after I had diarrhea she had the worst fits of her young life (she's 3 months old, a very quiet baby, doesn't cry with no reason). That night she was in real distress. I could only calm her down with paracetamol - the first time I gave her any medication. I didn't put two and two together, because I thought it was because of a vaccination she's had - though that had been more than 24 hours before, and with no other symptomps in those 24 hours. Anyway, long story short - i think from this experience that brewer's yeast CAN create some issues in babies if too big a dose is ingested - for me, it upset me, it upset baby. I am now eating lactation cookies again, the first recipe he made, and neither myself nor the baby have anything. So if you've been taken a dose that helped you with no effect on the baby so far, I would think that's a safe dose for you. But I am no expert, this would be just my logic, I am not basing this on any special knowledge or experience. However, if you don't mind sharing your recipes with me, how do you take the yeast that it helps you, and what dose, I'd be very interested, because I've an acute supply issue right now and am looking for any solution. Many thanks

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