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Thread: can brewers yeast harm healthy bacteria ?

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    Default can brewers yeast harm healthy bacteria ?

    I have become dependent on brewer's yeast to maintain production and I want to make sure it's safe. The sources I've read say it's passed into breastmilk, and safe but can cause irritability. It does not cause yeast infections because it is a healthy yeast, but should be avoided if one is prone to having them.
    My daughter hasn't had any visible symptoms but since babies often get yeast infections, I am worried that the brewer's yeast could contribute to problems in the future. Am I stressing too much about this or is it a legitimate concern?

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    Default Re: can brewers yeast harm healthy bacteria ?

    Stressing too much.

    But if you still can't let this go, maybe try some other ways to maintain production? Fenugreek and oatmeal are time-honored galactogogues. And of course the best milk increasing method of all is nursing and/or pumping more frequently.

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