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Thread: Stomach Bug Killed Supply--will it come back??

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    Default Stomach Bug Killed Supply--will it come back??

    I have been breastfeeding my 6 month old son since he was born (pumping while at work for him to use at daycare during the day). Last week the stomach bug left me pretty sick. I was too sick to pump for 3 days and only nursed a handful of times during those few days to try and give some precious antibodies to my little boy so he wouldn't get it. I've been pumping a few times a day since then and nurse him every time if I can but I am not pumping much at all now. I'm still on the dehydrated side but getting much better now and taking in as many calories as I can. I'm worried my supply isn't going to come back because of those three days... am I right? Or is there still hope? Anything I can do to help get it back to where it was? If it'll come back in time, that will make me feel better but I'm just worried right now and stressing about it...

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    Default Re: Stomach Bug Killed Supply--will it come back??

    I am sorry you have been ill, a stomach bug is no fun.
    I'm worried my supply isn't going to come back because of those three days... am I right?
    No, this is incorrect. Milk production may take a temporary hit when a mom is ill, especially if that illness includes mom becoming dehydrated. But in the normal course of things, any decrease in production would be minor and temporary, and not usually even enough to require supplementation for baby.

    What is probably hurting your milk production at this point is that you are not removing milk from the breasts frequently and did not do so while you were ill. Not removing milk from the breasts frequently quickly tells a mom's body that it no longer needs to make milk.

    So, to tell your body to make milk, it is vital to increase the frequency that milk is removed to normal levels. This would usually be about 8 times a 24 hour day minimum.

    I would suggest encouraging baby to nurse as often as baby will, and when you are at work, pump every 3 hours or so if possible. If baby will not nurse very frequently, it is possible baby is being over supplemented with whatever you are feeding baby at this point. You could also pump when home if needed. If baby is sleeping long periods at night (more than 5 or 6 hours regularly) this would be a very good time to encourage more nursing even overnight.

    Normal hydration is vital for normal milk production. So keep working on rehydrating your body. You are still recovering from a severe illness, so get as much rest and easy to digest, nourishing food into you as possible.
    You could consider taking a herbal or pharmaceutical galactagogue if frequent milk removal alone is not doing the trick.
    Trouble shoot your pump- very important.
    Also watch out for thinking that you do not make enough milk based entirely on pump output or "feeling empty." Many nursing moms experience these normal changed in how their breasts feel and in pump output that do NOT indicate low milk production.

    This article is a good one: http://kellymom.com/hot-topics/low-supply/
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    Default Re: Stomach Bug Killed Supply--will it come back??

    The way to get supply back is always the same: remove more milk more often, and your body will make more milk and make it faster. So nurse the baby every single chance you get, and pump as often as you can when you're at work! And if you can pump in addition to nursing when you're home with baby, awesome.

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