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Thread: Almost 5 months, all night nurser

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    Default Almost 5 months, all night nurser

    Hi all. I'm tired. My girl is sweet and healthy and EBF. She'll be 5 months in just over a week. Has always been up every 2-3 hours at least. For the past 3+ weeks she's up at least hourly. Every time she wakes, I nurse and she goes happily back to sleep, just doesn't stay asleep for long. I've read about sleep regression at 4 months. And she's teething hard. I can feel at least one of her bottoms and two tops have white caps. I have given her Tylenol a couple of times before bed but it doesn't seem to help consistently. Our nights are broken up into a few chunks: she starts in her crib, then I bring her in my bed for a few hours, then daddy puts her in her swing and hangs out with her in the early morning. I guess I'm doubting myself because we're all so tired including her. She also doesn't nap long. 25-45 mins usually. Baby goes to sleep so well with a soother but doesn't want it after she's gone to sleep. Ie., she won't take it thru the night if I try or once she wakes from her nap (I can't pop it back in and have her drift off again). However sometimes I can get her out of crib after a short nap, let her latch and she'll snooze on me for an hour.

    normal nursing habits for a 5 mo old? Should I try another method to get her to sleep when she wakes so frequently overnight?
    Would the pacifier use be contributing to her waking?

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    Default Re: Almost 5 months, all night nurser

    normal nursing habits for a 5 mo old?
    Should I try another method to get her to sleep when she wakes so frequently overnight?
    There is no biological need to do this. If you and dad need more sleep, there are a few options your can try. Do not worry about your healthy 5 month old getting "enough" sleep.
    Would the pacifier use be contributing to her waking?
    You could try nursing baby to sleep at start of the night instead, your baby is pacifying to sleep because it is normal for a baby to nurse to sleep and the pacifier is a substitute. Maybe baby would sleep a bit longer if she suckles to sleep with the real thing? But other than that I am not sure how the pacifier is making any difference one way or the other from what you are saying.

    Since you are bedsharing part of the night, I would suggest embracing that to at least avoid the ups and downs and musical sleep situations that are likely contributing to your exhaustion. Also if you can embrace bedsharing and be relaxed and not worried you should be doing something else, both you and baby may well sleep better.

    Baby starting in crib at night is fine, (or you or dad can hold baby while baby sleeps in the evenings and you are not going to bed yet.) But once you go to bed, just take baby with you and make any adjustments needed so your bed is safe and comfortable for all of you with all of you in it. You will probably get more sleep overall, and Dad will certainly get more sleep. If he is more rested and baby is an early riser, maybe on mornings he has time, he can take baby to make breakfast or for a walk or just to play and you can get a longer lie in.

    If you are home with baby for naps, you can nap with baby this way as well and that would tend to increase nap length. For more on sleep concerns I suggest the book Sweet Sleep from LLL.
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