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Thread: Fennel?

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    Has anyone tried fennel for increasing your milk? Babe is over a year and I nurse her 4x a day, but milk supply is dwindling and dwindling and i don't respond to a pump.

    How would I go about trying fennel? I tried Fenugreek for weeks and haven't noticed a change in supply.

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    I have not tried fennel but when my youngest was about 18 months I went through a period where I felt very 'tapped out" and I did try fenugreek and goats rue and I thought they helped, but my child was nursing much more often than 4 times day too. You might try looking for dosage recommendations info and see if you are taking enough. You might need to take more than it says on the package depending on the herb and the form you are taking it in. Fennel is a fairly typically recommended galactagogue, I just have never tried it myself.

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