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Thread: 15 months old breastfed toddler won't eat solids.

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    I'm having the same exact problem! my almost 16 month old hardly eats on day-to-day basis. I always offer food throughout the day but it seems that he's extremely picky. He still breastfeeds every couple hours more or less and feeds maybe 3 times at night. My pediatrician also told me to not "give in" but I hate seeing him cry for it! I give in anyway. She also said that I should not be feeding him at night but I just don't want to force weaning either! I was told that WHO recommends BF until 2 but my pediatrician is telling me that he really does need it anymore. I don't want to force weaning but I'm scared that he's not getting as much nutrients.. he's on the low end of the growth chart. He's healthy otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*gulan View Post

    I have a 15 months old boy who won't eat solids. He hasn't been good at it from the beginning but I thought it would get better as he gets older. He loves fruit and eats at least 3 different types of it everyday but when it comes to meat or porridge he won't open his mouth. But sometimes he doesn't mind and eats everything offered but most of the time he eats only bread, pancakes, cookies, muffins, fruit and pasta without anything. I have noticed that when he is teething or when my husband is away for some days he stops eating completely and will only breastfeed. When he has no teething pain and when he is happy he eats better. My problem now is that my pediatrician and family are putting lots of pressure on me and saying that he won't eat because of breastfeeding. They say I have to stop breastfeeding and he won't starve himself and will be forced to eat solids. However I don't feel this is the right way. I thought as he eats solids more he will ask for milk less and eventually he will self wean. Is it possible that he doesn't eat because of breastfeeding. How do I get him eat solids without force weaning? Is there anyone with similar experience? What worked for you? Please help. I am at my wits end. Thank you!
    This sounds like it was written about my son. We are also in a similar situation except my boy is now 22 months old. Like @llli*gulen I have noticed that a lot of this has been related to teething. Things have started improving for us in the last couple of months in a sense that the days where he eats no solids are much more rare now, though he is still sticking to a very narrow set of solids he does eat. For the past 3 weeks I have noticed a change in his behavior: he is just now showing signs of hunger. At that time he will start asking to nurse within minutes of finishing the previous round, but he still doesn't always accept solids even at this time. I am anxious for this phase to get over mostly because I am so exhausted from too frequent breastfeeding, and then I am also hopeful that after that he will transition to a more varied diet. Thankfully he is also healthy although he is showing early signs of anemia.

    @llli*gulen do you have the time to share with us how your baby is doing now?

    The answers you have gotten to your post have been soothing for me too, but I would also benefit from a story that would assure me that this shall pass in the foreseeable future

    Thank you in advance

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    There are days when he won't eat anything and exclusively breastfeed.

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