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Thread: Safe Antibiotics?

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    I have to go in for ear pain after a month long head cold. Are there any safe antibiotics that can be prescribed for me while breastfeeding my 19 month old daughter?

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    Most commonly prescribed abs are safe to take while nursing. In fact most commonly prescribed medications of any kind are safe to take as far as breast-feeding is concerned. You can look medications up at Lactmed online or you can call the people at infant risk.com during the day on weekdays for input once you know what the doctor wants to put you on. And really your doctor should have a copy of Medications and Mothers Milk available so they could look these things up for you but they probably won't. No harm suggesting it to them however.

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    with the PP. I especially want to recommend calling Infant Risk and/or checking Lactmed if your doctor says something like "Oh no, you will need to pump and dump while you are on this medication". This is almost always untrue for antibiotics, but a lot of docs are completely uninformed and make bad assumptions about medication safety in breastfeeding moms.

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    The older your baby is and the more solids she's eating, the less of risk there is from any medication you take. At 19 months, it's unlikely that any of the antibiotics that might prescribed would be a problem. There are only a few that are questionable during breastfeeding anyway.

    If you do get a prescription and want more info on the specific med, I can look it up for you in Medications and Mothers' Milk.

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