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Thread: Not producing enough milk for day care

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    Default Not producing enough milk for day care

    Hi my baby is now 5 months old. I went back to work 3 weeks ago. As I leave the house at 8am and return at 7pm, I pump at work 3 times for abt 17 mins per session. I only get about 250ml in total which is not sufficient for my baby. I've been digging into my frozen stash and she takes about 60ml to 100ml above my daily pump.

    On weekends I nurse on demand and my baby seems satisfied. After work i nurse on demand and she usually gets 3 to 4 feeds. I'm drinking plenty of fluids, taking gaia herbs lactate support (4 capsules 3 times daily for 1 week now), brewers yeast as well as taking 30mg domperidone 3 times daily (over 2 wks now) but supply still low.

    Is there anything else I can do or do I have to resort to formula to supplement once my frozen stash runs out? Would appreciate any advise

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    Default Re: Not producing enough milk for day care

    Things to try:
    - PUMP MORE OFTEN. All-caps because this is one of the big ones. If you can't pump more often at work, slip in pump sessions after nursing when you are home with your baby.
    - NURSE MORE OFTEN, especially including overnight. Nursing overnight can reduce your child's need for bottles at daycare, and also helps keep your daytime supply robust.
    - Rehab your current pump. Replace any replaceable parts.
    - Upgrade your pump to a more powerful model.
    - Make sure your shields are correctly sized. You may want to try a size up and a size down, and be open to the possibility that you may need different sizes for different breasts.
    - Incorporate breast massage as you pump.
    - Use relaxation techniques like deep breathing and visualization while pumping. Stress hormones can inhibit letdown, so the more you can get into a relaxed state, the easier it should be to get the milk flowing.
    - Take an item of your baby's used clothing with you to work and smell it as you pump. Sounds crazy, but smell is another potent trigger for stimulating milk flow.

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    Default Re: Not producing enough milk for day care

    I agree with Mommal's comments. I add that I pump on my commute using a hands free pumping bra, so I was able to add two pump sessions a day that way. I would encourage you to check out some videos on YouTube and give it a try.

    I also add, in all caps, STOP SENDING MORE THAN YOU PUMP!! Pick a day (a Friday is ideal) and only send what you pumped the day before and let LO reverse cycle (eat more at night) to stimulate your supply. Every time you dip in that freezer stash, you are not giving your body the signal to make more milk. Freezer stashes are great, but only for limited purposes (left pumped milk at work, milk got spilled, you want to pump wean a few weeks shy of one year, etc.).

    Check Kellymom.com to make sure you are sending the right amount of EBM to daycare. Many, many moms supplement because caregivers do not pace feed bottles or overfeed because they use feeding as a crutch to comfort a baby. You may have to work with your caregiver to determine if this is an issue. I highly suspect this as your problem because you are nursing successfully without supplementing on the weekends.

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    Default Re: Not producing enough milk for day care

    Thank you both. Will try to get in to work earlier and maybe squeeze in a 5-10min pump plus another pump when my baby sleeps for the night. I take public transport so do not have option of pumping during my commute.

    Rehabbing my pump isn't an option as manufacturer has declined to do it and new pumps can cost close to $500 here.

    Will see if smelling my baby's clothes work.

    I did check the amount of milk to leave from kelly mom but it appears my daily pumped amount is too little from the estimate. Am talking to caregiver to try to reduce the amount supplemented. Thank you once again!

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