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    HELP! Need advice - I had a horrible migraine yesterday and took Excedrin Migraine last night at 7:30pm without even thinking about it. I don't usually ever take any kind of pain medication so I thought one dose would be fine. The Excedrin Migraine did work. However, I did a little online research after and my 20 month old (extended breastfeeding) is battling a bit of a virus so I decided to pump/dump and supplement with formula for her night feeding because I was worried about Reyes Syndrome. The Excedrin Migraine dose had 500mg acetaminophen, 500mg aspirin, and 130mg caffeine...It's been almost 12 hours. Is this a sufficient amount of time to wait before breastfeeding again? She totally refused the bottle so hasn't nursed since yesterday afternoon....poor little thing is so distraught...Thank you, mommas!!

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    Hi rmpvbm,

    So I looked up aspirin in Medications and Mothers Milk, and Hale rates it as L3, because of the concern of Reyes. L3 means that taking the medication is considered moderately safe, and not completely counter indicated for the breastfeeding mom. As you know, aspirin is not suggested for breastfeeding moms due to the concern of Reyes syndrome but ALSO because there are so many other products that provide the same relief for most people that are considered entirely safe when breastfeeding. So when weighing the risk/reward, it is less risky and (in most cases) just as rewarding, to choose another product. In other words, if aspirin were the only medication that helped a particular breastfeeding mom, that would not necessarily mean she would have to choose between nursing or taking aspirin. In that case, Hale suggests a situation specific analysis of the risk/reward of the situation.

    He notes that even with high dosage, very little aspirin secretes into breastmilk.
    He then notes that studies have shown that the medication peaks in the blood stream (and consequently, in mom's milk) at 2 and a half hours, but another study he mentions seems to suggest the peak for another active ingredient was 9 hours. It is confusing, sorry.

    He also explains that while direct digestion of aspirin by babies and children is certainly implicated in Reyes, it is not clear if there is a risk to breastfed babies whose mom takes normal dose levels of aspirin. But since the specific dose related to Reyes in babies is not known, as a matter of caution, other pain relievers are suggested as safer than aspirin for the breastfeeding mom.

    Acetaminophen is considered safe (rated L1) for breastfeeding moms, as is the amount of caffeine in the pill you took which is about the same as a cup of coffee.

    You should also know that Reyes is quite rare (and was rare even when kids with fever or pain were routinely given aspirin directly, as was the case when I was a kid) and appears usually in children who are ill with a viral illness when taking aspirin.

    If you want to call infantrisk for more on this, you can try, but I fear they may be closed for the holiday. You may be able to find online info at their website- I have not explored it in a while. www.infantrisk.com

    Basically if it was me, I would be nursing my child again without hesitation.

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