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Thread: Mastitis-Help!

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    Angry Mastitis-Help!

    My baby is 16 months.

    My both breasts have been feeling very soft, no engorgement, no plugged ducts. First I got fever the day before yesterday. Yesterday I found a lump under my right arm. Today it develops to mastitis. I am taking antibiotics and just wonder what I should do. My right breast is very soft I almost can not express much milk from it. The lump is red and hard. I can not belive that I have got mastitis when my milk production is low.

    Please help me! Thank you very much for your input.

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    Mastitis often strikes when milk supply is trending lower. Busy toddlers forget to nurse, or get distracted, which means less frequent milk removal, which can set up friendly conditions for the growth of bacteria.

    The best way to get rid of mastitis- in addition to antibiotics, of course- is to remove as much milk from the affected breast as possible, and to remove it as often as possible. Some things that can help:
    - Nurse the baby as often as possible.
    - Vary your nursing position.
    - Try dangle nursing- that is, baby on her back, mom dangling her breast into the baby's mouth from above. This position enlists gravity to help the baby drain the breast.
    - Vary your nursing position so that all areas of the breast get effective drainage.
    - Make sure your bra fits. Mastitis often strikes in a place where the bra is placing pressure.
    - USe moisture- warm compresses, showers, and baths- to get the plugged areas to release.
    - Try gentle massage to get the plugged areas to release.
    - If you have a personal massage toy or electric toothbrush, hold that against the plugged area. Vibration may cause the plugs to release.
    - If baby isn't doing a good job of emptying the breast, try pumping.

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    I got a plug and mastitis when my daughter was 18 months old. My doctor did not believe me at first and insisted I come in for a breast exam. In my case it was a long day driving the car wearing a seatbelt and with little nursing that triggered it all.
    You approach mastitis at this age the way you do any other- empty breast, lots of rest. I personally found dangle nursing and vibration best tools for clearing plugs.

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