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Thread: Is there any hope??

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    Thanks for taking the time to read

    I have a six month old; she's the light of my life. In the beginning I was breast feeding her exclusively but when she was approximately a week old I started with a horrible infection related to her birth, I was having fevers in the 105 range, ended up hospitalized, got transfusions...the whole nine yards. My body basically shut down and my milk went to almost nothing. To be honest I wasn't making that much to begin with (probably a big part my body working through the infection before I got even sicker).

    I have a very strong desire to get back to breastfeeding. Really I want to exclusively pump. I work full time so I'm gone 10 hrs at a time so getting her back on breastmilk--pumping is my best option. She also has fought latching ever since she was born.

    The only thing that makes me believe there is hope is that for some crazy reason--6 months out I still produce several drops of dark white milk in a day. Is there any hope for me? I don't want to convince myself to wake up every two hours in the night to pump and pump in the bathroom at work if there is no hope. Any honest opinions?

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    vcpmom620, yes, there is hope, even moms who never gave birth have managed to induce at least some milk production. However, I will not kid you- in a situation like yours where milk production took such a hard hit so early, it is not going to be easy and there are no guarantees. I think it is likely you can increase your production- how much would be anyone's guess. But any of your milk for baby is good for baby.

    Given your history it sounds like you had a very real medical barrier to normal milk production. What an ordeal! I would not say your "body" shut down. Perhaps milk production shut down in order to protect your life so you could be here for your baby! Nature is very wise in that way.

    Anyway, if you want to try to make milk for your baby, no reason not to try! Because there are many benefits to nursing at the breast that are aside from the milk, I would suggest do not take that possibility entirely off the table. But if you feel it makes more sense to concentrate on pumping, that is of course fine as well.

    My best suggestion is to get the book Making More Milk. It has tons of information for any mom who is trying to increase her milk production. You can start with this good article, but that book is going to help you more. http://kellymom.com/hot-topics/low-supply/

    You should not have to get up every two hours overnight in order to pump. For many moms it makes more sense to aim for a certain # of pump sessions per 24 hours, rather than to pump on a schedule. In order to get enough pump sessions in over that time, you can instead "cluster pump" at times that work for you. Yes you probably do not want to go any more than 4-6 hours without pumping even overnight, at least at first. But getting up every two hours is not needed and in fact might be counterproductive.

    Pump in the bathroom? Is your employer exempt for pumping accommodation laws or do your not have any where you live?

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