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    I've been pumping/nursing since my son was born in October. Around late November, I started to wean off so that I could quit BF when I went back to work. I changed my mind after a week of only pumping 4 times a day, and went back to pumping every 2 - 3 hours. Around that same time, my doc put me on an IUD (Mirena), which led me to menstruate for 3+ weeks. Since then, my supply has dropped drastically, and I can't get it back. I used to pump 6+ ounces in 20 min, and now only get 1oz after pumping 30 min. However, when milk stops coming out via pump, I can still hand express, which makes me think it's my pump? But it worked in the beginning, so maybe not. I also think the IUD has something to do with it? I use a double electric pump (Medela), have tried Mothers Milk tea. I refuse to give up giving breast milk to my little guy! Help!

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    Hi and welcome!
    You would not be the first mom to report problems for their milk production after getting the Mirena IUD. Also all that bleeding- I have to wonder if that harmed your ability to make milk as well. If you search online you will find info including an old thread here.
    Please tell me your doctor at least discussed with you other possible birth control options? Maybe there is some other method that will work for you. Barrier methods never cause any issue with milk production. Of course, they have a higher failure rate than hormone BC mostly because they are so often used incorrectly, meaning, not used every time a couple has intercourse.

    Increasing milk production comes down to frequent and effective milk removal from the breasts. Frequent means at least 8 times in 24 hours, and it is usually best to never go more than 4-6 hours without milk removal, even overnight. Effective means that whatever method is being used- baby nursing, pump or hand expression (or some combo) it is effective. For a pumping mom, making sure her pump is in perfect working order and fits her properly is vital. Pumps can and do malfunction at any time, so just because the pump worked well before does not mean there may not be something wrong with it now. You can probably get info from your pump manufacturer about troubleshooting your pump. Some moms find they need to rent a hospital grade pump temporarily to combat low milk production. Of course many moms also find that hand expression after and breast massage or compressions during pumping helps as well.

    Is baby nursing at this point? Babies are usually very good at milk removal unless there is some latch issue. Baby nursing may be more effective than pumping.

    Mother's milk tea may help, but if you are going to go the herbal galactagogue route you may find pill form supplements work better. It can be difficult to get a high enough dosage of the galactagogue herbs in a tea. Whenever taking any medicinal herbs, make sure you read up on possible side effects and adverse interactions.

    Good article on increasing milk production. http://kellymom.com/hot-topics/low-supply/ also the book Making More Milk is excellent. Increasing production absolutely can be done in most cases! Good luck.

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