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Thread: Reintroducing BF for 15 month old after pregnancy?

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    Default Reintroducing BF for 15 month old after pregnancy?

    Hi, I'm after some advice. When my son was about 5 months old, he stopped BFing after I*became pregnant. The midwife said it was probably because the taste of the milk changed and he no longer liked it. I was absolutely devastated! I*now have a three week old who is BFing beautifully without issue, but I would dearly love to BF both of them. My son is now 15 months old, very toothy and very bitey so I'm nervous to try him on the breast! Will he even remember how? Will I be able to prevent him from biting when he's always so eager to bite any part of me that goes near his face?!

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    Default Re: Reintroducing BF for 15 month old after pregnancy?

    Have you tried offering and if so, what happens? Children have been brought to the breast for the first time as toddlers, so it is not a requirement that your 15 month old remembers how to nurse.
    However I am not sure how to be sure to avoid your child biting. It is possible that will happen. If your child is able to understand, you can talk to them about what baby is doing and explain that it is NOT biting, and that if he wants to do what baby is doing, he absolutely must not bite. You could then ask your toddler to suck on your finger or knuckle the way he would try on the breast- in other words, see if he is able to resist biting.

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