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Thread: Pumping rights at work in Canada

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    I'm going back to work in a few weeks after EBF my 8 month old baby. I will need to pump at work. My higher up supervisor is supportive, but my immediate supervisor is not. Are there any laws protecting my right to pump at work??

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    Your best bet is probably to do an online search for pumping in the workplace laws in your province or city, and check to see if there is a national law in place. If you have a local breastfeeding coalition they may have info for you as well.

    I do not know how it works in Canada but in the US while there are laws protecting the rights of pumping mothers in the workplace, they vary state to state, they do not apply to every business and they are difficult to enforce. We also have some federal protections now ( I think) but the same issues persist.

    Educating your supervisors about the many benefits to THEM of being supportive of nursing/pumping mothers is sometimes more effective than relying only on the law. There are a few articles online regarding talking to your employer about pumping. One thing employers are often unaware of is that sub-optimal milk removal places the mother's immediate health at risk, leading to a possible loss of work time.

    Also, since your baby is 8 months old, you may not need to pump as often as moms who are back to work when baby is 2-3 months old. How often you would need to pump is going to depend on your situation. We can offer suggestions about that if you give us more info about your work situation and how much baby is nursing at this point and anything else that may be relevant. It may be you can get by with pumping on your normal break times.
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