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Thread: Stressed about going back to work...

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    Hi. I'm so stressed about going back to work. This post is more just a sad rant than a question/problem.

    I feel like my baby and I just got a good rhythm going with breastfeeding and now I'm going back to work. I've been on leave for about 14 weeks now but we only recently got "good" at bf due to a bad latch issue at the beginning.

    I'm so bummed about this. I know I'm not the only one in this type of situation.

    I'm going to pump at work but the situation sucks. I also don't get much when I pump so it feels like so much extra effort.

    I've just got the back to work blues.

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    Of course you have the back-to-work blues! Nature intends for moms and babies to stay together. The problem here is society, which expects moms to rush back to the workplace long before they or their babies are generally ready (I say generally because there are, of course, some moms who cannot wait to race back to the office!).

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