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Thread: Night weaning with Daddy

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    Default Night weaning with Daddy

    I'm ready to get some proper sleep at night! I'm exhausted and find myself loosing patience with LO during the day. He will definitely benefit from having a more rested, calmer mom.
    LO is 14m. I was going to follow Jay Gordon's method when he reaches 18m, but my husband will have a two week vacation next month and I want to take advantage of that time. DH currently sleeps in the other room and I share the bed with LO. I'm thinking to first have DH sleep with us for couple of nights (if we can fit, haha) and then I'd move on the floor on DH's side and see how it goes.

    Any advice you could give me? Experience to share? I'd like to make it less stressful if possible.

    PS. LO is in 99.9% by weight, so I don't think lack of nightly nutrition will be a problem.

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    Default Re: Night weaning with Daddy

    We did this but when my child was older and we were all clear as a family that we were weaning. We would all go to bed together, I would nurse him to sleep and then I'd roll out of bed and go sleep in a separate space. When he didn't smell the milk he didn't wake. But he was much older. If he woke up and sought me out I didn't refuse him. And I wouldn't at 14m because he was right in the middle of his 1st year molars breaking. But during that time my DH OFTEN took my son to bed with him so I could get a longer block of sleep because the night nursing while the teething is happening is brutal.

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    Default Re: Night weaning with Daddy

    We night weaned with Dada at 14m too!

    We went ahead when Dada had 7 days off. For the week before I explained what was going to happen soon, and also read the Nursies When the Sun Shines book to him. He hated the book and we never finished it, but it made me feel better!

    I intended to do Jay Gordon but then decided to rip the plaster off all at once. Instead of nursing him to sleep in his floor bed, I nursed him in a chair then put him in bed with Dada to fall asleep. Then when he woke in the night Dada went in to resettle him back to sleep. He cried a bit, nothing too overwhelming and I didn't feel guilty as he was never left to cry on his own.

    When Dada went back to work I took over night waking, although he still fell asleep with Dada. We had quite a lot of crying for a few nights, as obviously it was unusual for him to be with me but not be allowed to nurse. He understood after about a week. For a few weeks he'd still ask and night but quickly give up.

    He's 18 months old now and sleeps through most nights. Up til the nightweaning he used to wake every 1-3/4 hours, every night was different. I still can't believe it now when we don't hear from him all night. If he does wake up he goes back to sleep with either of us very quickly. We still have a double mattress on the floor so either of us can sleep with him if we want.

    I must mention that for the first few weeks I woke up many many times in the night, even if he slept. I was so used to the hormone rush helping me fall back to sleep, and just in the habit I guess? I also felt that I never went into a deep sleep as I was always just waiting for him to wake and cry. I found this really hard and got quite upset a few times, wondering what was wrong with me. It's getting better now.

    We stopped using a monitor a few weeks after the weaning as I was obsessively checking it all night every time I woke. His bedroom is not far and I was sure I'd hear if he called out. I do!

    Id also strongly suggest not going back once you've done it. Friends of mine have started night nursing again and subsequently found re weaning at night very, very hard. In the 3 months since we've nightweaned we've travelled a lot, cut molars, got ill etc but never ever nursed at night again. He's been fine. I'm very proud of him!

    In short, I'd say go for it, stick with it, and I wish you all some sweet dreams! Let me know if you have any questions. And let us know how it goes.

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