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Thread: Sick and not nursing

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    My son is almost 16 months, and usually nurses at nap time (once in the p.m), before bed and throughout the night. He will sometimes ask to nurse once or twice throughout the day on top of this. I would say he averages 5-8 sessions on a 'normal' day. The problem right now is that he has a cold and is super stuffy and congested which is making it very difficult for him to nurse. I'm offering as much as I can but he is just not getting much (I don't think) he will sometimes try but is popping on and off with trying to breathe and mostly just fiddling with my nipple.

    My concerns are - he is not getting enough fluids - I've been offering water and tried pumping and putting in a cup. But also, I am starting to get engorged! I tried pumping last night and this morning, but I have no idea how often/long I should be doing this for. I'm worried about getting mastitis, and also worried about my supply taking a huge dip. If it does, is it likely to come back up once he starts nursing more? Any suggestions or tips on how to manage this?

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    I'm so sorry your baby is sick! I hope he gets better soon. Meanwhile, I would suggest maintaining production and reducing your risk for plugged ducts and mastitis by offering to nurse often and pumping roughly as often as your baby would nurse if he isn't really taking much when he nurses. It doesn't have to be 8x per day, but I probably wouldn't let it be too much less than 5x. Definitely you want to stay alert for feelings of fullness or engorgement, and either nurse, pump, or hand-express when those feelings strike.

    If your supply drops, it should come back if/when your baby starts nursing normally again. The only reason it might not would be if the baby loses in test in nursing- which sometimes happens after a prolonged period of poor nursing or no nursing. If you want to retain nursing as part of your life, the most conservative path is to try to nurse often, to continue to offer the breast even if the baby doesn't seem too interested or active when he's there, and to maintain supply with the pump.

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    Thanks mommal! Tried to keep on top of pumping yesterday and it seemed to help. Will do the same today if he is still nursing less than usual. He was able to drain both breasts at night time/through the night, which was a relief! He's is feeling much better, but still struggling with a stuffy nose, he is still asking to nurse frequently, so I'm hopeful he won't lose interest. thanks again for the suggestions!

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    Also work on the saline and suction so he can breathe and nurse more easily . I'm sorry he's ill!

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    Have you tried nursing with him in a more upright/seated position? My almost 13 month old has been horribly congested a few times and could only nurse when upright in a baby carrier.

    Also, you could try a bath with him, and nursing in the tub - warm water tends to clear the stuffiness a bit (at least temporarily).

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