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Thread: Thrush? Flange issues? Not sure...

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    Default Thrush? Flange issues? Not sure...

    OK, peeps (specifically working moms or LCs who work with them, but all advice welcome!): I work outside the home and pump when I'm away from the baby. I remember there being a transition period for my nipples to get used to the pump when I pumped with my other littles, but this time, they're not "transitioning," meaning it's still hurting - alot - to pump. I thought it was getting better for a while, but they're not. I'm about a month in to being back to work. Today, they actually started bleeding. I've tried adjusting the suction on my pump (it's at almost the lowest setting) but to no avail. I'm very large chested and using the largest flanges Medela makes, which helped immensely when I pumped with my last baby.

    I'm currently pumping 5 times a day as well as nursing on demand, but if I don't pump this many times, my supply tanks. Any suggestions? I have lanolin but honestly hadn't thought to use it...Need. Help. Thanks!


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    Default Re: Thrush? Flange issues? Not sure...

    LCs do not usually post here (at least if they do they do not identify themselves as such) but certainly pumping moms do. If you do not get more responses for this post, you can post in the work and pump forums too.

    Here are some thoughts from my experience talking to pumping moms over the years.

    Is this a new pump, or one you have used for a while?
    Sometimes if the pump motor is not performing correctly it can cause pain and injury when pumping. Yes this really can happen, it is a problem discussed in the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and I also knew a mom who had this problem, although with her the pain stopped when she used the battery rather than power cord to power her pump. Anyway, this could happen with an older pump most likely, but also may happen with new one with a malfunctioning motor. If you can, maybe try a different pump and see if it makes any difference. Or, like the mom I knew, trry using a different power source if that is possible with your pump.

    Flange size- When you pump, is your nipple rubbing in the tunnel? If it is, then I wonder if there is an even larger flange available made by a third party? Another possible source of injury would be a too large flange that is pulling in too much areola and causing injury there.

    Have you tried lubing the flange with an edible oil- olive oil?

    Lanolin to lube the pump may prove too thick and sticky to be useful, especially at colder room temps. Lanolin on your nipples to speed healing may help but only if the source of the injury is solved.

    I am not sure how bleeding would fit with thrush, this sounds much more like a pumping injury to me.

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