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Thread: Fusing at breast ! Plsss help with advise on SNS system!

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    Default Fusing at breast ! Plsss help with advise on SNS system!

    Hi all,

    Sorry about the long post.
    My son is 21 weeks old & I was breastfeeding & expressing ( bcuz of low supply , used a hospital grade $but since I went back to work, I was getting engorgeged severely every other day & when I get engorged, nothing comes out for pump or hand expression( saw different LC's & concluded that my body doesn't respond to pump when I'm engorged ).every time baby was able to clear it..in this process, my milk dried up from right side.im continuing from left side & supplementing with formula because I don't get enough from one side. It was going ok but since yesterday my son staring fussing a lot & not wanting to nurse once the flow gets slow(after 5 mins ) & is crying.he normally stays calm for Atleast 1.5 hr after nursing. He gets 2 or3 bottles when I'm at work & I pump 2 or 3 times during work.
    I would love to continue nursing even if it's from one side as I love the special bonding .i want to try SNS. I asked my LC during last visit but she dint give to me saying it may not work with 4 month old & she said we can try in next visit.i think she was just trying to get another visit & one side dried up in the mean time.i spoke to 2 other LC's & they thought it's a great idea.i could see only this one because of my insurance.
    I want to try SNS ( with formula)on my own, as last try..I have below questions-
    1) do you think it will help with 5 month old?
    2) I looked at Madela & lact aid & I like lact-aid
    3) planning to get just the feeding tube with attavhemebts & use my own bottles or bags ( the whole kit is around 50$, which I can't afford)
    4) where do I buy this lact-aid trainer system in retail stores as I need it ASAP

    I feel very depressed.Any ideas greatly appreciated.

    My first one weaned herself at 6 months as I gave her too many bottles & exclusively pumped till she was 13 months ( I hated it)

    I nurse him when I'm home in evening & through night ( total of 5/6 times in a day) & 3 bottles

    Thanks !

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    Default Re: Fusing at breast ! Plsss help with advise on SNS system!

    So you want something like this? http://www.lactationconnection.com/J.../54-5036-2.htm I doubt you will find anything like this in a retail store, but maybe a drug store/medical supply store would have something you could use for tubing. I would suggest ask the LCs who told you this was a great idea where you might get the right kind of tubing locally?

    No one can tell you if a lactation aid will work for you or not. I do not think age is a problem necessarily, as lactation aids have long been used by adoptive mothers with older babies and even toddlers. But many moms do find nursing with an aid too 'fiddly' and I suppose some babies might object to the tube. There will be a learning curve most likely, in other words it may take some work to get comfortable with the aid.

    How long a baby stays calm between feedings is not a reliable indicator of milk intake. Many babies want to comfort nurse frequently even if they do not truly need more calories. Frequent nursing is of course good for milk production and can be encouraged if you like. The most reliable measure that at baby is getting enough to eat is weight gain.

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    Default Re: Fusing at breast ! Plsss help with advise on SNS system!

    You can order number 5 French feeding tubes online really cheap - around 3 dollars , I found mine at a small animal/squirrel feeding site. Then just poke the tube in a cheap bottle . I used mine until my twins were 9 mos although I started around 8 weeks , I think . I think it's better than sns anyway and you can place the bottle lower so the flow isn't overwhelming to baby.

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