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    Hello. I'm trying relactation with my 6 month old. I've read to pump pump pump. What if when you pump? nothing is coming out. I just started pumping 10-15 min every 2 hours today. The more I pump, the less milk comes out. So far a total of 1/2 ml I pumped today. I just don't know if this were to continue, how much patience should I have before throwing in the towel. Can someone please offer me advice? Thanks

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    I'd say patience . ..you don't build milk supply in a day . Are you using a hospital grade pump? Are you on hormonal birth control ? How long did you nurse / when did you stop?

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    Patience. Got it. Haven't nursed since he was 3 weeks. I tried again at 6 weeks but I just gave up again. I'm using Ameda pump. My health insurance covered it. No birth control. The pumped worked in the beginning. I could pump a lot. But now it's been on and off for the last 5 months. Mostly off

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    Because you have not nursed or pumped in many months, or have done so very little, your body is probably only making a very little milk. So you are truly relactating and that may take quite a while. I think it is a good sign any milk came out the first day you pumped. It would be entirely expected that each time you pump you get a little less than before, that even happens to moms who have complete milk production. When trying to increase milk production it can be disheartening to see how little is expressed, but that is the process. Some moms cover the bottle so they are not measuring what is coming out while they pump.

    We know that when a baby is newborn and mom has very little milk, hand expression seems to work better than pumping for actually extracting milk. I would suggest add hand expression to the pump sessions and see if that helps.

    Also trouble shoot your pump. If you are using the same size flange as you were in the early weeks, those may be too large now and that will tend to reduce pump performance. In any case, make sure flange size is right, your pumps manufacturer should have info online about that and about troubleshooting.

    I would also suggest that if pumping every 2 hours is not working for you, instead think about how many times in 24 hours you want to try to pump and pump when it works for you. Babies do not normally nurse on an every such and such hour schedule, so there is no need to pump on one either. The typical pump frequency suggested to aim for is 8 times in 24 hours.

    If you would like baby to nurse again, I would also suggest offering baby the breast and perhaps considering using a lactation aid (at the breast supplementer) for feeding baby, at least some of the time, so baby becomes used to nursing at the breast again. Baby nursing is of course good for milk production as well. Kellymom has a good article about brining baby back to the breast called Help, my baby won't nurse.

    The book Making More Milk is very helpful.
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