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    Default Forum Rules and User Agreement

    The mission of this board is to support mothers in their efforts and desire to mother their babies through breastfeeding. In order to keep our focus on support and to make sure the forums remain a safe and welcoming place for everyone, the following rules are in effect:


    • Do not give medical advice, even if you are a medical professional—each member should consult her own health care provider for medical opinions. If you feel someone is posting misinformation that is potentially harmful, please report the post. Please also keep in mind that advising a mother to ignore her doctor's recommendations is itself a form of medical advice. Giving information about how breastfeeding works, giving suggestions about how a mother might communicate with her doctor, or suggesting she get a second opinion are all good alternatives. (More about medical advice)

    • Do not offer or ask for donated milk. In accordance with LLLI policy, we cannot facilitate or act as an intermediary in informal milk sharing arrangements. Any posts or comments that offer or request milk donations within the group will be deleted.

    • No debates. There are plenty of places on the web to debate breastfeeding vs formula, cloth vs disposable, vaccines, politics, religion, or anything else you might want to discuss. Debates, arguments, and contention are damaging to the community and take time and attention away from our purpose to help mothers breastfeed.

    • Keep it clean. No vulgar, sexually explicit, or obscene posts, graphics, or links, including the use of punctuation to mask words from the language filter (e.g. a$$hole).

    • Keep it kind. Even if someone is wrong. Assume good faith and try to keep the tone of your posts positive. If someone appears to be purposely inflammatory, please report the post rather than respond (as they say, don't feed the trolls!).

    • Stay on topic. If the thread drifts away from the subject of the original post, please start a new thread.

    • Be cautious with posting or sharing personal information.

    • No spam or anything resembling it. Spam is defined as any post where the primary purpose is advertising, whether for a product, blog, website, event, non-LLL support group, etc. This includes requests for participants in surveys, research studies, or market research. LLL-sponsored events may be posted in the News from La Leche League section. Users posting spam will be automatically put on probation or banned.

    • One account per user. No posting under multiple accounts or sharing an account with another person. Both will result in probation and, in the case of multiple accounts, all but one account (the choice of which is at the Administrator's discretion) will be deleted.


    • Please do not include identifying information such as full names or precise locations. Remember that the forums are public and you shouldn't include anything you don't want the whole world (or internet, anyway) to know.

    • No links to businesses or commercial sites. Each user may have one signature link to a personal blog or favorite resources website. The linked text must be in font size 1 or 2 and no more than one line. No long ads.

    • As a courtesy to other users, please try to keep your signature under 10 lines. It gets distracting when the signatures are longer than the posts! The maximum number of lines allowed is 15.

    • If your signature doesn't meet these guidelines and you're asked to change it, you'll have 24 hours to do so before a Moderator does it for you.

    Reporting a Post

    • If you feel a post is in violation of the rules, contains misinformation or medical advice, is inflammatory, or makes you uncomfortable for any reason (even if you can't quite put your finger on why), you can bring it to the attention of the Moderators/Administrators by clicking on the "Report Post" button (triangle with the exclamation point) in the lower left corner of the post.


    • If you're new here, we hope you'll receive the breastfeeding help you need and that you'll find topics of interest in the many different sections of the board. Once you're feeling comfortable, please feel free to share your own experiences with other mothers. You don't need to be an expert on breastfeeding or have breastfed for years before sharing what has helped you.

    • If you've been around for a while, don't forget the breastfeeding and parenting forums! That's why we're here. There are millions of places on the internet to talk about millions of different things, but the reason this board exists is for mother-to-mother breastfeeding support.

    Moderator Actions

    • Posts that are in violation of these rules or are generally disruptive will be removed.
    • Repeated rule violations may result in warnings, infractions, probation, or removal from the community.
    • Repeated violations of the User Agreement will result in removal from the community.
    • Decisions of the Mods and Admins may not be perfect, but they are final.
    • These rules will be modified as warranted.

    Thanks for helping us keep this community a supportive environment!

    The User Agreement for the LLLI Mother-to-Mother Support Forums is as follows:

    We all want the LLLI Mother-to-Mother Support Forums to be a safe and comfortable environment through which parents around the world can connect, and be a useful and productive tool for working and learning together. To ensure this, we ask each participant to agree to the following as a condition for participation:

    • I will use a LLLID alias (not my real name) when I post.
    • I will not post personal, identifying information (such as full name, email address, physical address, phone number) on the forum.
    • I will behave responsibly and respectfully towards all members of the LLLI Mother-to-Mother Support Forums Community, respecting their values and viewpoints as well as their rights and feelings.
    • I will work with other community members to ensure that it remains welcoming to new participants and ideas, and embraces diversity.
    • I will work with my fellow participants to create a mutually supportive and welcoming environment.
    • In keeping with the family environment on the forum, I will not post sexually explicit, obscene, vulgar, or profane text. I will keep discussions of a sexual nature respectful and within the proper forum.
    • Acknowledging that differences of opinion and conflict will undoubtedly occur, I agree to resolve conflict constructively.
    • I understand that every member of this community is entering into this same agreement and that we all have a stake in seeing that it is observed and enforced. My behavior towards other members of this community will reflect that I am abiding by this agreement.
    • I acknowledge that if the administration team concludes that I have repeatedly and willfully violated this agreement, my rights to participate in this community can be terminated.
    • I understand that any member who causes disharmony or disruption to the forums may have their account placed on probation or removed without warning.

    All members are asked to agree to these simple requests for mutual accountability and respect, in order to keep the LLLI Mother-to-Mother Support Forums a comfortable environment for everyone. Since most of these agreements are common sense, we believe that all of us can easily abide by them.
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