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Thread: Relactation 6 month old

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    Unhappy Relactation 6 month old

    Hello, tomorrow will be day one that I try to rebuild my milk supply. I haven't breast fed since baby was 4 weeks old (he's 6 months now) . I didn't have the proper information about breast feeding. It was painful and I gave up too soon. Now, I feel very guilty and have been. I've seen LC without any help in the beginning. Because of my anxiety and depression my doctor treats me weird so I don't want to see her or her LC. I've been taking fenugreek. I do have very little milk. I can get a few drops when I pump, 1 ml. Or nothing. Should I continue to pump the recommended 8+ times a day even if no milk is produced? I also bought the sns thing. So I will give it all I got for the next month. I just don't know what to expect. My baby cries when he is offered the breast. Feeling doubtful this will work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Hi I just tried relactation also three days ago. I've been pumping and expressing because my daughter won't take the breast. She is 4 1/2 months and I stopped breastfeeding when she turned 1 month. Whenever I pump or express, only this slimy milk comes out and it's not enough to drop off the breast. Also, it dries almost instantly when I express it into like wax substance. Has this happened to you and/or do you know why this is? Thanks!

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