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Thread: Plugs, why now and what to do?

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    Default Plugs, why now and what to do?

    All of a sudden (since yesterday), I have lumps in my breast near my armpits. They feel like plugged ducts pretty sore but not red. I have tried warm compresses, massage, cold packs, advil, vibration, dangle nursing and different angle nursing. I have no idea what caused them (no tight clothing or added stress). My son (20mos) has been nursing more frequently because he is teething and fighting a cold but my daughter (4yrs) has been nursing just about as often as usual.
    Any suggestions for what to try to get rid of them and any ideas for prevention?

    Additional question: I've heard lecithin is a good supplement for this, but I had always thought lecithin was an additive to avoid. Is it different?

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    Default Re: Plugs, why now and what to do?

    Sometimes plugs just happen. A baby who isn't nursing well is a common cause of plugs- sometimes all it takes is for one kiddo to be off his game.

    As far as treatment goes, just keep doing what you're doing! And lecithin won't hurt- it's a food additive and probably something you want to avoid in your day-to-day diet but when you have a plug, there is no harm in trying it. The way it works- supposedly- is that it is an amphiphilic molecule, meaning it attracts both water and fatty substances, and can therefore be used to dissolve a fatty substance in water or a watery substance in fat.

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