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Thread: Do I really need to try and correct so said over supply?

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    Default Do I really need to try and correct so said over supply?

    I have had numerous issues BF since my son was born Sept 26th. Bad latch, recessed jaw, lip tie, cracked bleeding nipples, breathing concerns, not being able to pump enough, and over supply. My local LLL Leader has suggested over supply from the beginning. Up until last week I disagreed. Last Thursday it changed, I had fading out pumping and started nursing full time. This caused my breasts to (I feel) start making more milk because I was feeling full, but not uncomfortable, my letdown became very strong, I was spraying him when he pulled off, green stools, cranky, spitting up. Worked thru it, by Saturday night his stools started yellow again. Sunday he wasn't really pulling off anymore. By Monday really my only symptom was strong let down, and spitting up but it doesn't seem to be bothering him as much. Weight - when he was born he was 5 11. Oct 28 he was 7 13, yesterday 9 9. So he's gaining alot. But he's happy. And nursing is finally comfortable. Also yesterday at the LC clinic he took 1 1/2 off the left breast (which I'm working resolving a clogged duct) and 3.8 off the right breast. They didn't seemed concerned with weight gain or oversupply.

    So my question. Do I really need to try to decease my milk supply? My mommy instincts are saying things are fine and let my body handle it.

    -has yellow poops
    -comfort nurses still
    -does spit up some after feeding
    -has gas, some days worse than others, some days doesn't bother him
    -doesn't choke while feeding
    -does have high weight gain

    I'm not engorged, but extra full in morning which I assume is normal. I'm not that full any other time during the day.

    Sometimes he feeds on both breasts at feeding, sometimes only one.

    I do feel my letdowns during the day and they spray. Worse on the right side than left.

    I've just had so many issues I really don't want to mess with my milk if I don't have to. Last thing I need is decreasing my supply to much

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    Default Re: Do I really need to try and correct so said over supply?

    Oversupply is only a problem if it is causing a problem. If it is not causing any problems for you, (mom) or the problems are minor, there is usually no reason to do anything about it. Problems for baby from OP (like green poops, gas, fussiness etc) are almost always very minor concerns or not any concern at all, and are usually helped most not by working to decrease milk production but by simply encouraging baby to nurse often, because that helps the most with the fast letdown and lets meals be a little smaller and more manageable for digesting. If baby nurses often and is gaining well, no need for baby to nurse both sides each time. You can leave that up to baby.

    Over time, unless you tell your body otherwise by pumping too much, your body will figure out it is making more milk than baby needs and production will reduce to enough rather than too much.

    If you are going a longish time overnight without milk removal and waking full, the biggest risk is plugs and/or mastitis. And plugs or mastitis can be the result of not frequent enough milk removal even if mom has normal production, and the answer would be not going so long without nursing. So that is the main thing to watch out for.

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    Default Re: Do I really need to try and correct so said over supply?

    As long as this is not bothering you, I see no reason why you can't just allow your supply to naturally sort itself out.

    Feeling extra full in the morning is normal when you're overproducing, but in the long run that extra full feeling may vanish. So don't be surprised on the day when you wake up and you don't feel full!

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    Default Re: Do I really need to try and correct so said over supply?

    Okay thank you!

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