Good evening!
My daughter is now three months going on four. I started out breast feeding but ran into a few road blocks and could no longer feed my daughter direct from my breast. So as to not starve her, she is now on formula. However, I want to try again. Her formula is up at January and generally a breastfed baby is fed for up to a year. So I want to A) make up for the time lost and B) get her back on breast milk before the formula is up.

What do you ladies think about breast feeding beyond a year? I feel that my daughter has missed out on what is best for her and I want to make up for that. If I am successful in relactation.

Now the main problem I am having. I cant find the time to pump between feeding, playing and napping with my daughter. I understand it should be every 3-4 hours. but that's the schedule my daughter is on, and she seems to want to be either in my arms or near me at all times. ( I love it! )

Maybe I am just lazy, but I am just not finding the time for pumping. My partner works all day and I do not have another set of arms to help out with her. I am loving motherhood, for the most part. She just started to sleep through the night so I take that time to study for class or look up how to raise her, or clean my house. What should I do? Is there a pump I can have attached to me all day that is not so bulky?