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    Ok I got mastitis a week and a half ago and it was miserable and I decided I wanted to start formula feeding once we finished weaning and got rid of the freezer stash which is only about a weeks worth. I've mainly been pumping and it's just tough and making me a bit insane. But, it makes me feel like a terrible selfish mom for wanting to stop breastfeeding and pumping... tonight we tried formula for the first time and although she didn't mind it one bit as I was washing the bottle out it smelt and I just know I'm not giving her the very best like my milk. I'm down to 2-3 pumps a day. Is it possible to regain my supply back? Ah I just don't want mastitis again! But maybe I will try again and do my best to stay unclogged and mastitis free.

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    I think it is definitely possible to regain your supply. Women who adopt babies are able to create a supply just by nipple stimulation and fenugreek. Start increasing your pump sessions, let your baby nurse on demand, and take fenugreek until you smell like maple syrup! Good luck!

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    Hi and welcome. Without way more information it is hard to advise, but in general a couple of weeks of not nursing or pumping is not going to have any permanent effect on your milk production.
    My best suggestion is to get the book Making More Milk, as it will give you more information about how to increase milk production than you need, but it is very readable.

    The basic fact of milk production is that milk needs to be removed from the breasts frequently and effectively to maintain normal production or in order to increase milk production. Milk removal can happen via the pump, hand expression, or nursing, or any combination of those.
    For a baby under a year, to maintain milk production, the bare minimum for milk removal would be 6-8 times in 24 hours. But if a mom needs to INCREASE (or re-increase) her milk production, the minimum would be more like 8-12 times in 24 hours.

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    The more often you can nurse or pump, the better. But remember than any pumping you can do is better than none. If you can nurse or pump 8-12 times per day, awesome. If you can only nurse or pump once or twice, still awesome. Any level of stimulation and milk removal from pumping or nursing is better than nothing!

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