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Thread: NICU twins & milk production?

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    Default NICU twins & milk production?

    My preemie twins are currently in the NICU and getting my pumped breastmilk through a feeding tube. My supply is currently about 30% higher than they eat per day, but I'm worried that their needs will soon surpass that. I only get to hold each of them for 2 hours per day and will hopefully start breastfeeding in the next 2 weeks. Will my supply naturally increase once I am able to breastfeed and spend more time with them? Or do I need to be working now to get my supply up?

    Thanks for any thoughts or advice!

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new babies! I am so sorry they have to start out in the NICU. That must be very hard on you- and on them, too!

    Whether or not your supply will continue to meet your babies needs when you get to hold and nurse them is difficult to predict. If the babies are good nursers and nurse frequently, there should be no problem. If not, then pumping is probably going to be part of your life as you work to get the babies to a point where they can nurse effectively. Either way, this should be doable. Maybe insanely challenging, but doable!

    How much milk are you pumping per day at this point? Often moms have unrealistic expectations of how much milk they will need over time. We might be able to reassure you!

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    I'm not sure , but congratulations! I have friends who produced more than enough for twins. I kept up with my twins' needs until they were 6 weeks then I had to start supplementing each baby with a few oz of donor milk. I think exhaustion played a big part in my difficulty but I have exhausted twin mom friends who made plenty , so who knows.

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