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Thread: Toddler Squeezing One Breast: Low Supply?

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    Default Toddler Squeezing One Breast: Low Supply?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    I have a daughter just over 30 months old (2 and 1/2 years old). She nurses I'd say fairly frquently at around 6 to 12 times a day depending, sometimes both breasts at a feed, sometimes one breast.

    This week, my toddler has been squeezing my right breast vigorously, almost pumping it with her hands, as if she cannot get milk or enough milk out of it.

    ***What is going on? Am I losing my milk in my right breast? If so, what should I do?****

    I am so so grateful for your help. I would like to continue nursing and know she would too.
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    Default Re: Toddler Squeezing One Breast: Low Supply?

    It may be that your daughter has simply figured out that if she squeezes the breast, the milk comes out more quickly. Like a kid with a juice box. Many mammals engage in kneading behavior and it does not mean milk production is in any way inadequate.

    Of course, milk production does diminish over time. This is part of the weaning process and is natural. So when we talk about "enough" milk or losing milk production at this age, it may help to keep that perspective about it- that less milk does not mean inadequate milk.

    Personally, with my youngest child, I did experience a time in her toddlerhood where it felt to me as if there was not 'enough" milk. It is hard to explain why I came to this thinking, it was a combo of things. But personally I decided to try taking herbal galactagogues. I took fenugreek and Goats rue (I alternated depending on what was on sale) for a few months, and it did seem to help. I never tried a blend simply because I was going for the cheapest options. I took these in pill form rather than a tea, I wanted the most bang for my buck dosage wise.

    Of course the most effective way to increase production is to increase milk removal- but your child is already nursing with pretty high frequency. Pumping over and above that may help, it just may be more trouble than it is worth. That is how I felt about it and why I tried galactagogues instead.

    Good hydration is always good for milk production.

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    Default Re: Toddler Squeezing One Breast: Low Supply?

    Right on, maddieb! The above is helpful and accurate. I think I notice her having, perhaps supply issues during certain times in my cycle maybe. While she has kneaded at the beginning of some feeds, she has also done it at the end too. Interesting. Thank you!

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