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Thread: Baby refusing bottle

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    Default Baby refusing bottle

    I start work Monday.. our babies taken a bottle previously a couple times however I wanted to try again this week to make sure she still would and she's not!! She's even worse with my husband get sooo mad! To the point you gotta stop bc she's too upset. I've tried every time before I feed her myself today if she refuses I wait 5-10 minutes and feed her myself. Yesterday I went out with my sister to a concert and she didn't eat from 4-11 when I got home...
    Any tips appreciated I have a fast flow too so wondered about that as far as nippples go. Was gonna try a different bottle but she really hasn't eaten enough to make me think I gotta change something but was gonna try anyway

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    Default Re: Baby refusing bottle

    I'm sorry we missed your post!

    So today was your first day back at work? How did your baby do?

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