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Thread: Green Poops- help!

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    I have a one month old who has had green poops the past week and a half straight. I have exclusively breastfeed her since the start and she was having the normal mustard yellow poop, but it all the sudden switched. I have always produced a ton of milk and noticed that she seems a bit overwhelmed at times ( chokes on breast, milk shoots out when she pulls off, isn't able to fully finish a breast like she once did, cries some of the time she comes off, poops while still on breast, poops more frequently). The color of her green poops vary (light green, dark green, watery, slimy). I talked to her doctor over the phone about her poops and he didn't seem to be concerned, but I feel like something is causing this change. I called the lactation consultant I had previously seen and she thinks it could possibly be a imbalance of milk from overproducing. My question is how do I know if it's that or that she might be having a good allergy? I've read that can also cause green poops? Any input would be helpful! She's been gaining weight like a champ and doesn't seem to fussy after feedings.

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    Hi and welcome!

    Dr. is not concerned- because there is almost certainly nothing to be concerned about!

    Things that cause green poop:

    -Over production/fast letdown. There is no imbalance, that is a commonly used misstatement of the issue. What happens when a mom over produces (or sometimes, if baby starts nursing less frequently) is that when baby nurses, baby gets a fast flow and lots of milk coming quickly, and this means, lots of the higher lactose milk early in the feeding. This is not in any way harmful, baby needs lots of lactose for energy and baby is getting everything else baby needs in this milk. However, sometimes, with some babies, the lots of lactose all at once causes some very minor issues, green poop being one of them. This is not a medical concern, and is not in any way hurting your baby. The best way to help a baby with a fast flow is to nurse frequently.

    - A virus. The only thing to do for a mild virus is the keep baby hydrated and comfortable while it runs its course, and breastfeeding accomplishes both perfectly.

    -Allergy? Actually I am not sure that green poops IS a reliable symptom of food allergy. But in any case, a baby who is gaining well and overall comfortable with no rash or any other indication anything is wrong is almost certainly not responding negatively to anything mom eats. Food allergies via breastmilk are not all that common, and the most common culprit by far is dairy. If you want to take dairy out of your diet for a week to see if it makes any difference, fine. But be sure to test it later by eating dairy and seeing what happens, as any change might be entirely coincidental.

    -Normal variation in poop color. Some babies just poop green some times.

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    Green poops are usually just a normal color variation. Second most likely explanation is oversupply, and distant third and fourth are illness and allergy, respectively. And as MaddieB so wisely pointed out, there seems to be little evidence that green poop is actually a reliable allergy symptom! If this was my baby, i wouldn't worry at all.

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