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Thread: How to drop bottle feedings when weaning

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    Default How to drop bottle feedings when weaning

    If my daugher is still drinking bottles at daycare every two hours when I want to wean her, what should I do? What is a good plan or timeline for weaning if you don't want to do child led? I just want to help prepare my daughter for an easy weaning transition DOWN THE ROAD whenever that is (she is only 8.5 months). I'm not totally closed off to the idea of extended breastfeeding, I just want to know how to prepare for weaning if I choose to.

    THANKS for any replies.

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    Default Re: How to drop bottle feedings when weaning

    I completely weaned my DS at 13-1/2 months. However, it took me months to complete the process. My DS never liked a bottle, and wouldn't take EBM, so my situation is a bit different.

    I always fed on demand until he started to show lack of interest in a feeding session. The first to go for us was the first one in the morning, because he just wasn't that interested in feeding. He never missed it. We went quite a while before dropping another one--like maybe a month or more. I'd drop a feeding here and there like that for a while. At a year, I decided to complete the wean process, and was a little more regimented. I started night weaning first, since my DS still wanted to feed twice every night. Then I did the before nap/bed feedings last. Between each dropped feeding, I waited no less than a week for my body and my DS to adjust to the change. Many times, I waited longer to drop feedings. I also sometimes dropped a feeding, then would pick it back up for a week or so because of illness or teething, or whatever. That was OK.



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