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Thread: Periods and contraception advice

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    Hi ladies sorry if this is the wrong place to post, I looked but couldn't see anywhere else.
    I am ebf my 14 week old since birth and have had no period yet (hurray!). I was wondering when to expect the monthly visitor? Also I am considering contraceptives but I don't know anything about if they affect breastfeeding or not. I had an implant before my baby was conceived, I am not sure if I would be better taking oral meds or implants. I know it probably doesn't matter as they both release hormones. I don't wanna consider a coil as I had the neck of my womb torn during birth (sorry tmi) and don't want to feel the pain a coil can bring in that area.
    What did you ladies go for? Does it affect milk supply or anything I should be cautious of? I would ask my doctor but I have asked him a few questions on breastfeeding and every time he has had to refer to books or the Internet so I wouldn't be relying on his advice! Many thanks x

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    You should expect your period to return sometime between today and a couple months after you completely wean. That is to say, it's normal for fertility to return quite soon after your baby is born, and also normal for it to take months or even a couple years to come back. On average, breastfeeding moms will see their periods return around 15.5 months postpartum, but that is just an average and there is a ton of variation! One thing to watch for is long sleep stretches (6+ hours) and baby eating a lot of solid foods. Long sleep stretches allow estrogen levels to rise higher and that can make ovulation more likely. Baby eating a lot of solids means less nursing, and less nursing means less suppression of fertility hormones.

    Any form of hormonal contraception has the potential to have a negative impact on supply. The worst methods, in terms of potential harm to supply, are the combination estrogen-progestin methods (the combination pill, the patch, the vaginal ring). But even the supposedly "safe for breastfeeding" progestin-only methods like the mini-pill and the Mirena IUD have the potential to harm supply in some women. Since you can't know how your individual body will respond to hormonal contraception before you try it, I think it's smart to choose a progestin-only, easily reversible method if you do decide you want something with hormones in it. That means choosing the mini-pill, because it's immediately reversible. If you notice a dip in supply, you just stop taking it. You don't need to make an appointment to get it removed, as you would with an implantable method, or wait for it to wear off, as you would need to do with the contraceptive injection.

    A lot of moms choose to use non-hormonal contraception during their babies' first year. Non-hormonal options include:
    - condoms, both male and female varieties
    - contraceptive sponge
    - contraceptive gels, films, inserts
    - diaphragm
    - cervical cap
    - copper IUD (obviously not a good choice for you but I want to list it in case some other mom is reading!)
    - LAM (lactational amenorrhea method, works very well if all criteria are met)
    - FAM (fertility awareness methods, also very reliable when practiced by someone who is very familiar with her body and has experience using these methods prior to pregnancy and breastfeeding)
    - withdrawal (surprisingly effective when the male partner has a great deal of self-control and is good at predicting his orgasm)
    - outercourse (everything on the sexual menu with the exception of vaginal intercourse)
    - abstinence

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    Thank you mommal. Lots of options to consider x

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    I would avoid anything hormonal . We used fertility awareness method and before cycles return, because I needed to avoid pregnancy for a rare reason so super cautious , we also used condoms.

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