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    My sister adopted twins two days before my son was born, so I have been pumping and storing milk for her two preemies to supplement with along with EBF my little guy.But I am having a problem with oversupply (I'm only pumping at night when son skips feedings) I pump over 6 ounces out of one and 2-3 out of the other, I've noticed that I have a forceful letdown possibly due to oversupply and my son coughs and pulls away lately, he also for the past week has had only green poops.How do I make sure he is comfortable and getting enough hindmilk and still be able to pump milk for my sister?! They are now only 3 months old and I don't want to have to stop giving her little guys milk. Any suggestions?

    Also, my guy won't take a bottle, would it be easier for him to take a faster flow nipple instead of slow flow since he is use to getting milk easily?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    First thing I have to say is that you are a terrific sister. What a gift to share with your sister's children!

    The first thing you should know about oversupply is that it will not hurt your baby, or deprive him of hindmilk. It may cause forceful letdowns, green poops, gas, and some fussiness, but aside from that it is unlikely to be harmful in any way. So if you decide not to do anything about the oversupply, it's not going to be bad for your baby. That's reassuring, right?

    More later- I have to watch the presidential debate!

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    Okay, back from the debate. Here's how you may be able to control oversupply and its effects while also providing for your sister's kids:
    - Instead of pumping a lot of milk at night, try pumping smaller amounts throughout the day.
    - Instead of pumping, try hand-expressing. It's thought to be less stimulating to supply.
    - Use reclined nursing positions to slow milk flow to the baby when you nurse.

    Regarding bottles, what have you tried? Are you trying to give the bottles, or is dad/grandma/someone who isn't a nursing mom giving them? Have you tried a variety of bottles and milk temperatures? A faster flowing nipple might help baby take a bottle, but he's unlikely to ever really want one from you- you have the real thing just millimeters away!

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